-A collection of memories from shoots gone bye-




Dallas Stars/Dallas Police Hockey

This was most definitely one of the best shoots I've had. The Dallas Police Department

Hockey team played the Dallas Stars alumni in a charity game, and former Stars goalie

Marty Turco agreed to shoot a promotional video for the event. He was fantastic to work with!


Texas Water Smart - Sid Miller

Texas Water Smart is a fantastic program that promotes water conservation.

I headed to Austin to shoot some educational videos for them that featured Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. We set up in his office for the afternoon and shot away.


Texas Rangers Baseball

This job was a dream come true. The Rangers were in need of a new stadium, and I was hired to shoot the TV commercials, and web videos for the "Keep The Rangers"

campaign leading up to the vote. We won!



Shooting some establishing shots on the beach in Southampton,

Long Island for a 7-Eleven corporate video. It was a fantastic trip!

Bump In The Night

Shrek is a highly decorated Special Forces commander -retired- and I was capturing footage for a potential TV series along with my buddy and cameraman extraordinaire Jeremy Heid. The teaser video from this shoot is on the Portfolio page... only time will tell what comes from us all freezing our butts off!

Rocky Mountain High

BEAUTIFUL is the only way to describe this location.  Western Horseman Magazine was doing a feature story Aaron Ralston when I was producing his TV series on RFD TV.  We went up into the mountains in Colorado for the photo and video shoot. It was spectacular!


I'll admit this was a little on the intimidating side! I was told this guy had the widest tip to tip horn span of any longhorn ever measured. I don't doubt it!

Polo Anyone?

I do love Texas, but I wouldn't mind living in Wellington, Florida for a few months out of the year. Here we were shooting some footage for Sunny Hale to promote her new Polo Pony registry.

Rough Creek Lodge

This was a great weekend. We had the concept for a TV series and Rough Creek Lodge let us come out and shoot all over the beautiful facility. I was attempting to be the on camera host so Jeremy was probably saying "listen to what I'm saying... I'm trying to make you not look like a fool!" This was several moons and cameras ago:)  Thanks Jeremy!

It's A LONG WAY Down!

This is the view looking down from the catwalk in Will Rogers Coliseum. I'm guessing it's about 150 off the arena floor. It took several minutes after climbing up there to relax so I could walk around, and I'll admit my heart rate was a bit high. This is a cell phone pic looking down at a cattle change during the NCHA Futurity Open Futurity Semi Finals. I shot a bunch of video up there at 1/4 speed looking straight down on the horses & riders. It was nerve racking but I loved it! The video is on the Portfolio page.

Chevy Shootin

Had a great time producing a series of web videos for Bayer Auto Group.  They've been a main stay in Comanche,  Texas for over 20 years and have just moved into their new facility... it still had that new car dealership smell.








Randy Rogers Band

All set up and ready to roll. Shooting interviews with Randy Rogers and the rest of the band before they played at Winstar Casino was a bit challenging due to the limited locations available. But hanging a black backdrop and some lights worked great.

Texas Water Smart - Allyn Media

Testing out the lighting for a shoot with TX Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and Skip Ogle from Suddenlink Communications. The TX capital building made a beautiful background for them to speak about water conservation for Allyn Media's client The Texas Water Smart Coalition.

Cook Children's

When we walked into the room to shoot an interview with Cook Children's President & CEO Rick Merrill, my heart sank. There was literally nothing but blank walls and a very bright window for a background. But... closing down the barn doors on a back light and positioning it so it made a pattern on the wall behind him worked great.

Midnight River Choir

Shooting the promo video for their album Fresh Air. This video had interviews with all the band members and featured their song "Circles" which turned out to be the first single off of Fresh Air. We later did a video for "Circles" and it eventually hit top 10 on the Texas music charts. Great song and a great bunch of guys. Both videos are on the Portfolio page.


This has absolutely nothing to do

with video production, except the

fact that coffee gets me through a

lot of long nights! This is the first

Starbucks location in Pike Place

Market on the waterfront in Seattle






Bob's Custom Saddles

Shooting a 30 second commercial for Bob's Custom Saddles.


When Animals Attack!

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.  They're cute but can be extremely dangerous if they decide it's time to play.  Their play time consists of pushing each other around and since I don't have a rack like that, I'd definitely be on the losing end of this game.  (it was really hard not to say reindeer game, but I did it!)

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