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The Video Zoo is my business. And, it’s also my playground. Each project – whether the purpose is sell a product, educate, inform or entertain – offers the opportunity to stretch my imagination and challenge me creatively by telling your unique story.


Give me a shout, let’s push boundaries and brainstorm about building your brand. Whether flying solo or teaming with other industry professionals, The Video Zoo is equipped to produce exactly what you need… from a 30-second commercial to a feature-length documentary.


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Dallas PD and Stars - Mayes Media Group

One of the most enjoyable shoots yet. The Dallas Police Department's hockey team, and the Dallas Stars Alumni are having a benefit game, and this is the promo video for the event. Former Stars goalie Marty Turco goes head to head with two of the DPD's team members, and lets just say... Marty wasn't pushed to his full potential as a goalie;) Marty and the two DPD officers were absolutely amazing to work with, and thank you Mayes Media Group for bringing me in on the project!

7-Eleven_The Coffee Queen - Allyn Media

7-Eleven wanted to celebrate the #1 coffee selling franchise in the country, so I headed to Long Island, NY with their agency and producer Allyn Media to shoot the event. We lucked out and had absolutely beautiful weather, and were able to get to the beach for a few sunset shots. Once back home I also edited the piece. Congratulations Lori for being the 7-Eleven Coffee Queen two years in a row, and big thanks to Allyn Media for having me shoot and edit the video!


This was one wild weekend! The 2017 Chilifest Music Festival attracted about 45,000 people, and we're planning on growing it next year with an aggressive video marketing campaign. Big thanks to everyone at Chilifest for bringing us in to shoot the event, and edit it all together!

Sunrise In The Stockyards - Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau

Australia's #1 morning TV show broadcast live from the Fort Worth Stockyards, and the FWCVB wanted to document the event.  I truly love Fort Worth, so it's an honor to be able to help promote this great city! Thanks to everyone at the city's convention & visitors bureau.

Negril At Sunset - Kugler Travel Marketing

Shooting travel marketing video in Jamaica is actually a pretty good gig! I went down to capture beauty shots that would help promote this fantastic island, and fell in love with the  country and it's people... I'll definitely be back soon!

Wild Turkey

While on a quick vacation after a shoot in Southern Oregon, I learned there were a bunch of wild turkeys on the property. So, of course that opened up an opportunity to shoot a short video. Why relax when there are wild turkeys to film!

Texas Water Smart - Mayes Media Group

A 30 second spot I shot, directed and edited for Mayes Media Group's client Texas Water Smart.  Texas Water Smart is a coalition that was formed to promote water conservation throughout the state.  Willie and Jaydon did a great job as father and son (because they are) so that made my job a lot easier.  We all had a great time until Jaydon suffered a slight injury playing basketball while I was setting up for the last shot, but he was a trooper and finished up!

Texas And Southwest Cattle Raisers Association

This was a fun one. The Texas And Southwest Cattle Raisers Association wanted a video to promote membership, and this is what we came up with. The concept was to follow a ranching family through their day while stressing the beauty of the lifestyle, and the issues ranchers face in today's world. Thankfully we had an amazing family to work with!  I hope we got the point across... thanks TSCRA, I had a great time working with everyone!


Sometimes completely unplanned videos turn out best. I'd purposely left my camera in the car -so I could relax- but that didn't last long on a perfect Saturday night at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. I'd only planned to shoot some stills, and then decided to get "a couple" video clips. A couple turned into about 50. This was all shot handheld... I hope you enjoy.

Argyle Eagles - Train Hard, Train Smart

The Argyle Eagles have one of the top High School football programs in Texas, and putting athlete safety as their #1 priority keeps them there. This is a 1 minute spot I shot and edited that helps promote that fact. It was a lot of fun to shoot, and certainly proved that I'm not in as good of shape as I'd like to be!

Presbyterian Night Shelter

This was one of those projects that changes your outlook. I produced this for the Presbyterian Night Shelter's Christmas Banquet. The banquet is one of their biggest fundraisers for the year and we were trying to touch the hearts of the potential donors with this... I hope it worked.

Gypsy Soule/Soule Sisters Fashion Show Introduction

They turned me loose and said to come up with a concept, and produce a video that would push the boundaries as far as possible.  This is the video introduction for the Gypsy Soule/Soule Sisters fashion show that ran at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for 5 nights. They wanted something to get peoples attention before the first girl hit the runway... and they said this definitely hit the mark. The concept was to imitate the first girl getting dressed right before she hit the stage, from completely nude to runway ready.  When the black and white photos & dance music starts is when she came out... photos and other visual effects continued continued throughout the show on the screens that wrapped around the stage.

Bump In The Night

John "Shrek" McPhee is one of the highest trained special ops members of the United States Army. Now retired, John was a commander in "The Unit," or what some refer to as Delta Force. John is now using his skills to train law enforcement, private security details and individuals on personal protection. The idea was brought up to produce and pitch a television series based on his adventures traveling across the country so we put this teaser together. Even though we absolutely froze out butts off, it was a blast!

Randy Rogers Band - In My Arms Instead

Prior to the release of their live album and DVD "Home Made Tamales," Randy Rogers Band wanted some short teasers to distribute through social media to spur pre sales. We shot interviews with each member of the band... one for each of the 27 songs on the album, and then combined the interviews with the live footage they provided from the DVD. It was a fun night for sure!

Gypsy Soule

I had no idea how this one was going to turn out but I like it.  Gypsy Soule needed a commercial 2 days before the due date and of course had no video material to work with, or time to shoot anything. The only option was to use the existing still pics I would receive at noon on the due date. It was a crazy rush but everyone was happy with the result. Thanks!

National Cutting Horse Association - My Kind Of Trail Ride

The NCHA needed some fresh new material for promotional pieces so I shot 2 nights at their signature event from several different angles. I wanted to make it big and bold so I shot tight... really tight in one quarter speed.

Associa Title - Allyn Media

This was so much fun and a lot of laughs! Allyn Media had the concept of doing random "man on the street" interviews in Dallas asking questions about local history. Their client -Associa Title- a locally based title company wanted to impress the idea that they know Dallas even though some people may not. See what people answered when asked where Roger Staubach played college football. Thanks for bringing me in on this one... it was hilarious!

Rockwall Independent School District

The RISD wanted a 7 to 8 minute video showcasing the districts growth, accomplishments, and contributions to the city starting with the first schoolhouse in the 1840's. They had some amazing historical pictures from the time period, so we used those along with some railroad footage shot specifically for the introduction, which included my very first drone footage. This is the first minute and a half of the project.

Midnight River Choir - Circles

Here's the music video from Midnight River Choir's first release off of Fresh Air. The song came from the band being put in a situation where there was no right decision... no matter what you did you were going to upset people. When there's no right decision, the toss of a coin is the classic remedy so that's what we decided to use as the introduction. Circles ended up hitting the top 10 on the Texas music charts. Check out Midnight River Choir if you get a chance... great band and a great bunch of guys.

Midnight River Choir - Fresh Air Promo

The band wanted a video to tease the release of their upcoming album Fresh Air so we went to work.  We shot an interview with each member talking about their experiences while recording and what they thought of the release and then had Eric play an acoustic version of the first single, Circles. They had played the previous night so we were able to throw in some live footage at the end. They hadn't decided on exactly what song they were going to use until the morning of the interviews so the live footage was done in one take during their show.

2014 National Reined Cow Horse Association Hall Of Fame Video Introduction

I've produced the Hall Of Fame videos for the NRCHA for 11 years and my very first interview was with Mr Dick Deller. Dick was not only one of the first members of the association, but he helped instigate the meeting where they discussed the possibilities of forming an association. His wonderful wife Genevieve took notes and wrote down the names of everyone in attendance which they showed me that afternoon... it's something I've always wanted to re create. The Dellers passed away a few years ago but I was able to track the list down and shoot an interview with Johnny Brazil Jr -picrured below- to talk about the creation of the association. I combined the interview with the names of the original founders... Johnny is one of the last 2 people on that list alive. I really enjoyed creating this and hope it helps preserve a little piece of history.


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